What it Takes
URL: http://warofwinds.com/what-it-takes
Submitted by: Karen "Kez" Howard
Referred by: Tumblr Post from Hchano of "Dream*Scar"
What it Takes is a mature, post-apocalyptic survival story presented as a monotone, long-form strip comic. The story revolves around Colbey, a martial artist who survives the end of the world in what would be the north eastern United States. Armed with knowledge of events leading up to the End, experience in self-defense, and a trusty machete, she is searching through what's left for a man named Peter Wolfe. But she's not the only one looking for him.

With over 97% of the global population dead, the majority of cities are are empty, and those still occupied are controlled by gangs warring for control of limited resources. The modern world has ceased to exist, and the weak are exploited by the strong. In short, there is no government, no comforts, and no place for compassion in the cruel, new world.

But there is hope. A City in a Place (or rather, A SIT-E in APPLEYS) is said to have an elected government, working technology, and the ability to protect its resources. The City is also looking for new recruits... so long as they meet certain qualifications. Too bad everyone wants what they've got!

Updates: (Monday) Wednesday Friday

5 Page Sample:

Why would you make a good addition to SF?
First, I consider my comic fairly successful in terms of craft and comic-making skill. My pages are technically sound; I update to a rigorous, patreon-funded schedule; and endeavor to create professional-level pages. Though What it Takes isn't in color, or even a "graphic novel," it's one of the few examples out there of a long-form, adventure strip. I've also been making webcomics for over ten years, and know exactly what's expected--personally, professionally, and technically--to finish a long-form work. Therefore I'd bring both technical know-how, a professional attitude, and a unique flavor to the SpiderForest line up. What it Takes also has loyal, active readership, which means I must be doing something right! I think it's fair to say I'd bring some new readers in to see what else SpiderForest has to offer. My comic would not only fit in well at SpiderForest, but also bring something new.

And then there's me! I really want to be a member of a community that takes comics seriously, but still has a lot of fun! I don't manage to get out to conventions much anymore, but I'm really good at helping to organize and plan; I'm fluent in HTML and CSS so I can wrangle my own site and help other members; and I'm more than willing to help, start, or participate in any group projects SpiderForest might have going.

Thank you for your consideration!