Webcomic Title: Sunset Grill
Creator Name: Kat Feete
Website URL: http://www.sunsetgrillcomic.com

5-page sample:

The year is 2426. Earth is a patchwork quilt of squabbling Domains, loosely joined under the mantle of the Empire, which fights to present a united front to the dozens of technologically advanced, land-hungry alien races. None of which matters particularly to the patrons of the Sunset Grill, a bar on the shady side of town in the corrupt city of Kieselburg. The comic follows the day-to-day life of the bar's staff and patrons as they meet the challenges of their imperfect world with humor, determination, and the occasional moment of grace.Sunset Grill is a 3D comic which has updated regularly three times a week since its debut in August 2008.

I saw the post on KEZ's journal and on the TWCL forums. Kez and Metruis (both of whom I follow via Twitter/journals) have both spoken highly of SF membership in the past, so I was interested.

Why this comic would make a good addition to SF:
I have a modestly-sized but enthusiastic audience (ComicRank estimates me at about 400 readers), most of which are fans of funny story-driven comics with solid worldbuilding. I believe they'd take to the SF lineup well. The comic itself is a work in progress, especially on the art end, but I am committed to making it the best story it can be, to continually improving my comic skills, and to maintaining a professional level of updates and communications. Skill-wise, I've written two novels and several nonfiction articles (you can see a list of my publications here: http://www.katfeete.net/writing ), and regularly edit/critique other people's work as part of my day job. I have an acceptable working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and PHP, which I've used to design three websites (I'm not claiming any great mastery here, mind, but I can do a workmanlike job on basic site design.) I'd be happy to use those skills in any way that helped the SF community.

Thanks for your consideration, and for running such a great collective. I look forward to hearing from you.